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There’s about a million different reasons to start Calisthenics
  • You get in shape
  •  You're able to Save a bunch of money cause you don’t NEED a gym membership anymore
  •  You have a unique training style that sets you apart from the crowd
  •  You gain confidence
  •  Plus, a bunch of other awesome things…
Honestly, I could go on and on.

But one of the main reasons why a lot of us decide to take on Calisthenics is because we want to learn the skill moves and I mean…

...who can blame us, right?

Just the idea of me being able to hold myself in a planche, do a handstand, or whatever just gets me pumped!

I remember how exciting it was when I first learned about this stuff...

You were probably like me and were searching online for ways to get in shape and came across some youtube videos of some guys doing Calisthenics and your mind was immediately blown.
Or maybe you just so happen to pass by a calisthenics park…

Or maybe a friend decided to show you what calisthenics was all about.

The point is...these guys have complete control over their body and make these moves seem effortless.

But more than all that, you can basically smell the confidence coming off of these guys because every single time they successfully hit a move they're trying to do, they can't wipe the smile off of their faces.
Now, most people look at those videos and just think, “Oh wow, that’s pretty cool.”

But there’s a different kind of guy (maybe you?) who looks at those videos and the voice in their head is saying something completely different.

You probably started thinking about how cool it would be if you knew how to do that and wanted to figure out what it takes to learn these things.

And just like that, you were taken down the Calisthenics rabbit hole.

The thing is…
It doesn’t take long before you figure out that it’s going to take a lot more effort to Learn how to do Static Holds than you probably thought
There’s tons of different ways to make progress on each individual move and static hold and it seems like everyone has a different way of going about it.

It can quickly leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed.

The biggest problem is that there’s a lot of people online who Calisthenics comes easy to and they're teaching with that frame of reference which isn’t exactly beneficial to the people who struggle...Like I did.
You may look online and see that I’m capable of a lot of the moves that a lot of other calisthenics athletes struggle with but...This was NOT something that came easy to me.
When I first got into Calisthenics, I was SUPER small and had VERY LITTLE strength.
I was even smaller than my twin sister BUT…

I never let this stop me from going after my goal.

This was to put on size, strength, and STILL learn all those cool Calisthenics moves we see online.
So naturally, I put in as much time as possible watching videos, reading books, and training like crazy to make this happen.

There were times when I would practice or train every day of the week. I was obsessed.

I started to make some progress building muscle and I started to gain a little strength but...

...for some reason, I wasn’t making much progress with my static holds.

I had a gut feeling that the reason my static holds weren’t at a place that I could be happy with was because I lacked the strength to hold myself in these positions for an extended period of time.
It was my STRENGTH that was holding me back on this one. NOT the technique!
For this reason, I completely changed up the way I was training so I could put much more emphasis on increasing my strength while still practicing my static holds.

The thing is, not many people were training like this so I was going in blind.
At the time, my goals were pretty rare in the Calisthenics community.

I wanted to build a ton of muscle, and a ton of strength to support that muscle while I do the static holds that I like.

This meant I needed to start getting creative and creating my own unique way of training.

It took a lot out of me but in the end it was all worth it because I learned all of the static holds that I wanted to learn and from what people have told me…
….I actually do them better than a lot of other athletes. My theory behind this is because of the unique way I went about training.

You can tell I trained differently because if you look around the internet, I’m a lot bigger than most calisthenics athletes, yet, I still manage to be able to hold the extra weight up.

That’s because the unique system I created places a huge focus on developing your strength along with everything else that you’re learning.
Now, of course I was getting super excited as I was learning everything and I documented the entire journey on youtube for everyone to see.

This led to people from all over the world asking me what it took to make this happen and for me to show them and that’s exactly what you’re seeing on this page.

I wanted to show as many people how to get the same results as me and be able to do static holds.

To finally tap into that favorite part of calisthenics that so many of us love.
This is what led to the creation of...
This program is designed to take anyone and show you how to be able to do expert levels of calisthenics holds

(Even if you’re just a beginner right now)
Here’s what you’re going to get with the program…
What it takes to get started
There’s certain requirements that need to be met before you even get started with a training program like this.

Not only that, you need certain equipment to get the most out of this program.

This program will let you know what those requirements are so you can meet them before diving in.
The techniques you need to know to see the best results
There’s certain training techniques that I picked up over the years that I’ve noticed help you progress much faster than anything else.

Some of them you may know, others you most likely don’t because I made them up myself.

This program is finally going to give you the secrets on how to increase your strength in a way that helps you do the static holds you love.
How to progress from beginner to pro
Of course, I’m going to teach you how to make progress from wherever you’re at in your journey.

The best part about this program is that I started off as a complete noob so I know what it’s like to not have an ounce of strength on your body but still manage to see results.

This is what you’re going to learn in this program.
A full, step-by-step workout program that you can follow
There’s a system that I followed in order to see the results that I got and I made slight tweaks as I started to make progress.

This is was led me to create 3 completely separate workout programs that you can use.

A beginner, intermediate, and advanced workout program.

You’re going to get access to all 3 once you sign up.
All you have to do is hit the button below to get started!
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This program can benefit you in many ways…
  • ​The main benefit is that this program will finally teach you everything you need to know about how to do static holds
  •  You’ll have this intense feeling of pride in yourself for accomplishing something that most people will never do
  •  You’ll be the guy in the gym that everyone gets excited to see
  •  You’ll have some cool tricks to show to your friends
  •  Your muscle size will increase dramatically
  •  You’ll have a ton more strength
  •  You'll have way more confidence in yourself
  •  Your self esteem will start to grow exponentially
  •  Plus so much more
The list goes on and on but there’s one other thing that I wanted to mention…
I decided to add these 5 FAST ACTION Bonuses for FREE!
Bonus #1: Skill Tutorial Vault
Valued At: $95
There’s a particular way to go about doing each skill move correctly and safely.

Luckily, Over the years, I managed to create a collection of tutorials for every single skill move you would want to do.

You get access to that collection for FREE!
Bonus #2: Exercise Tutorial Vault
Valued At: $55
The most important part of any exercise is making sure you’re doing it with proper form.

If not, you run the risk not seeing much results or even worse, getting injured.

This FREE bonus is going to keep that from happening by giving you the knowledge you need to do these exercises right.
Bonus #3: Dynamic Power Move Tutorial Vault
Valued At: $76
Of course, as we’re learning the static moves, I couldn't leave the power moves out.

I also have a collection of tutorials where I show you exactly how to do the most popular power moves out there and you’re getting them for FREE!
Bonus #4: Static Training Masterclass
Valued At: $97
If you’re getting this program before August 1st, that means you’re invited to a private master class that I’m holding where I answer any questions that you may possibly have about Calisthenics in general.

This is going to be jam packed with information so You want to make sure you’re there.
Bonus #5: Private Calisthenics Community
Valued At: $177
Doing Calisthenics in a random gym is like being the new kid in school or the new guy at work.

You're into a bunch of unique things and people are interested but they can't really relate.

Which is why with this FREE bonus, you'll gain access to a private Facebook Group full of people just like you!

Everyone loves Calisthenics and will support you 100% of the way on your journey.
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One Time Charge of $77 - Lifetime Access!
No Hidden Fees. No Contract. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
I Want To Be Totally Honest With You Here...
As attractive as this program is, my marketing experts tell me that only about 40% of the people who see this page will actually take action.

Although that's okay with us from a business standpoint, it still bothers me personally.

You see, I know how much the people who get this program benefit from it. I read their testimonials, talk to them on social media, and all of them tell me that...
"these programs have been changing Their* lives because it makes Calisthenics so much easier to understand and follow."
Because of this, I just hate the thought of someone not getting this program because of some error or lack of explanation on our part. That's why...
I Held a special brainstorming session with a group of our people just to try and figure out why you might say "no"  to this exclusive offer. after several hours, our group could only Think of three possible reasons...
You're A Beginner and You're Unsure You're Going To Be Able To Use This Program Effectively
This makes perfect sense because you probably see me or other guys do these static moves online and you think, "I could never do that."

Or you might even think, "I'm not even close to being at the level to do that."

But here's the thing, I made this program so that even complete beginners could use this and progress their way up to doing static holds and skill moves.

Keep in mind, I was a beginner at one point too!
You're Afraid That You'll Get Injured Trying To Learn These Static and Skill Moves
Having a fear of getting injured is pretty understandable.

Especially since we're doing things that most people don't and you're putting yourself in different positions that other people don't.

But here's the thing, we're still just training our bodies to get stronger and hold our weight. If anything...

...I'd say the way I train calisthenics is much safer than the way most people lift weights.

Keep in mind, I've never been injured up to this point and I credit that to me being cautious about the way I train which you'll be doing as well with this program.
You Own The BodyWeight BodyBuilder 2.0 Program
So this is something that we figured might come up a few times.

You assume that because you have the BWBB 2.0 program that this program isn't as necessary to own. BUT...

If that were the case, I never would have taken the time to make this program.

BWBB 2.0 is mainly a muscle building program. It does show progressions for static holds, but it doesn't show you the most important thing you need to know...

How to build up your strength! That's what sets this program apart from the BWBB 2.0 program.
Now I hope you’re excited because this is One of the most fun parts about Calisthenics
Yes, it’s awesome to get in shape and become more healthy…

Yes, It’s cool to get more attention from the opposite sex because you’re taking care of yourself…

Yes, it’s cool to look in the mirror and see the progress you’ve made on your body...

But nothing can really beat finally learning some amazing skill moves, proving to yourself that you can do anything, and seeing the look on your friends' faces when you show them what you're capable of.

Plus, this program is only one, small payment but the information lasts you a lifetime.
One Time Charge of $77 - Lifetime Access!
No Hidden Fees. No Contract. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
Who Should NOT Buy This Program
  • ​Guys who feel like they need to lose a lot more weight before they start focusing on the skill moves
  • ​Guys who aren’t actually going to put in the time they need to see results
  • ​Guys  who don’t really care about doing static holds
  • ​Guys who think everything should be free and only want an handout (Especially this guy)
If you’re anything on this list, this program is NOT for you.

But, if you pass this simple test, then go ahead and hit the button below to get started!
One Time Charge of $77 - Lifetime Access!
No Hidden Fees. No Contract. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
By now I'm sure you're wondering if there's a guarantee.

The guarantee is this: The program is yours to try risk-free, for 30 Full Days.

As long as you actually give the program a chance, and dive in full force, but for some reason you don't like the way "CaliStatics" is changing your life, then you will get a full refund.

No questions asked, no hard feelings.
Click below to get instant access to CaliStatics for just $197 $77
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
One Time Charge of $77 - Lifetime Access!
No Hidden Fees. No Contract. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
*Results Vary From Person To Person*
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